Sunday, April 16, 2017

Yusa como invitada a mi clase sobre música cubana en la Universidad de Miami, brindará una charla el próximo miércoles 19 de abril

Como parte de la clase SPA 322  “Música cubana: Lecturas y audiciones críticas sobre imaginarios de la nación y la diáspora” que estoy enseñando en la Universidad de Miami, hemos tenido invitados como el cantautor Pavel Urquiza, el productor DJ Asho Ariel Fernandez y el cantautor Vanito Brown. De esto se hará un próximo post.

El próximo miércoles 19 de abril, tendremos de invitada a la importante cantautora, bajista y compositora cubana Yusa, que está una temporada en Miami proveniente de Argentina.

Ella es una de las mujeres afrocubanas pioneras de la escena de música alternativa cubana tanto en la isla como transnacionalmente. Ha tenido mucho éxito y reconocimiento en el mundo del World Music en Europa, y también ha sido una pionera en la introducción de temas feministas y LGTB en la canción cubana.

Ella va a brindar una charla en español en nuestra clase y para otros estudiantes de la universidad sobre su vida y trayectoria profesional, bajo el tema de Fusión, que estamos considerando en las últimas semanas.
Electronic Press Kit de la artista cubana Yusa. Grabado en Café Vinilo Club, Buenos Aires, Junio 2010. Dirigido por Carla Lucarella. Producido por Federic...

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Presentation I made in the panel "Circuits of Knowledge" at the International Academic Forum in honor of Dr. George Yudice. University of Miami

Video of the Panel "Circuits of Knowledge," where I made the presentation "Challenges to Scholars as Public Intellectuals: How to promote relevant and meaningful venues of cultural and civic dialogues in polarizing times." 
I shared the panel with Hugo Achugar (Universidad de la Republica de Uruguay, National Director of Culture) and Tracy D. Guzman (University of Miami). 
"Culture As Resource."An academic forum in honor of Dr. George Yudice. April 7-8, 2017. 
University of Miami

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Presenting on the XI Conference on Cuban and Cuban American Studies at FIU, February 2017

Last February, I had the pleasure of making a presentation at a Panel on Cuban Popular Music on the Island and in the Diaspora, at the Eleventh Conference on Cuban and Cuban American Studies. The conference was organized by the Cuban Research Institute from Florida International University.

The panel was chaired by Nora Gamez (El Nuevo Herald) and the panelists were: Beatriz Calvo Peña (Barry University, Miami), Liliana Casaneva Cue (Instituto Cubano de la Música, Havana) and Hazell Santiso Aguila (Universidad Autónoma de Aguas Calientes, México). We also had the great company of musicologist and author Dr. Cristobal Diaz Ayala.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cantando como invitada al concierto del cantautor Pavel Urquiza en El Tucan, Miami,


Mi debut cantando, como invitada del cantautor Pavel Urquiza (La ruta de las almas) en un concierto con amigos como las cantantes Yusa y Danay Fuentes; y una excelente banda de músicos formada por Carlos Puig en la trompeta, Rey Ruiz Guerra en el bajo, Norlan Diaz en el saxofón, Michael Font en la percusión e Irving Aday en el piano y teclados. El concierto tuvo lugar en El Tucan, Brickell, Miami, el pasado 22 de noviembre del 2017.

Forthcoming presentation at academic symposium "Culture as Resource," in honor of Dr. George Yudice, University of Miami.

Thankful for the invitation to make a presentation at this forthcoming academic symposium "Culture as Resource", in honor of Dr. George Yudice, together with admired scholars like Garcia Canclini and Hugo Achugar, among others.
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
University of Miami
April 7-8, 2017
Wesley Foundation Gallery
Additional info in this LINK

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Miami premier, Ivy League Rumba (PBS) documentary, next Thursday, October 13, at Actor's Playhouse Miracle Theater, Coral Gables.7:00 pm

Ivy League Rumba, a PBS documentary by Joe CardonaRalf Gonzalez and Richard Snyder is finally out. The film is about the past Latin Jazz and Pop Festival at Brown University. It features performances and interviews to great musicians like PALO! Pedrito Martinez Group
"helvetica" , "arial" , sans-serif;"> Roman Diaz, Descemer Bueno Leslie Cartaya Philbert Armenteros Sonlokos Steve Roitstein Raymer Olalde Ed Calle, etc. I had the pleasure to be interviewed in this film about my academic research on Cuban music and these musicians. 
There will be a free screening at Actor's Playhouse Miracle Theater, Coral Gables, this comingThursday, October 13, 7:00 pm.

The film premiered recently in Providence, RI as part of the Providence Latin American Film Festival (PLAFF) and in Miami October 13th. Ivy League Rumba is being broadcast nationally in early October by PBS stations across the country as part of Hispanic Heritage month.

link to an article about the event by newspapers Diario de las Américas, El Nuevo Herald  and Brown Daily Herald.

Monday, September 26, 2016

A preview for Artsburst Miami about the upcoming Zun Zun Children Fest, October 1st, presented by FUNDarte.


Text originally published by Artburst.

Photo: by FUNDarte


In the last 15 years, Miami residents have witnessed the city’s steady transformation into an international urban hub with the customary arrival of communities from all over. Together with the controversial impact of large-scale real state ventures that prompted that expansion, there’s been a significant shift in the diversity, frequency and depth of the cultural options available to Miamians in any given season, which is still often overlooked.

An important part of Miami’s cultural options has been spawned by the local non-profit sector, in organizations such as FUNDarte, a pioneer in creating multicultural spaces to present top-notch international and local talent on a regular basis.

The upcoming 2016 Zun Zún Children Fest opening Saturday, Oct. 1, presented by FUNDarte, is an example. The line-up and performances were chosen to promote the production of art for children. That is the case of multi Grammy nominee, singer/songwriter and author Rita Rosa Ruesga, who will perform with composer, singer and author Robbi Kumalo and New York-based musician and world music performer Luchy Kalanraty. The festival also features the New York theater company Teatro SEA/Society of Educational Arts.

SEA is a bilingual institution committed to providing a combination of arts-in-educational theater and workshops for Latin communities for more than 20 years. Says Manuel Morán, the company’s CEO, “It has always been important that children who came from Latin America, like those who were born here, know about their culture."

For the Zun Zún Fest, SEA is presenting the inspirational musical “My SuperHero: Roberto Clemente,” a play written and directed by Morán about a boy named Bobby who shows up to school, on a “superhero day,” dressed up as legendary Puerto Rican baseball player and humanitarian Roberto Clemente. Clemente died on one of his trips to Nicaragua in 1972, on his way to help survivors after the impact of an earthquake. For Morán, “this type of personality passes very often under the table without any or no recognition.” His choice to adapt Clemente’s story was largely motivated to “teach children that Latin-American countries and Latin communities have important people, ‘living legends’ that inspire the human heart beyond fiction.” By doing that, the piece attempts to redefine mainstream stereotypes about superheroes and instill in children self-respect and confidence.

“Superheroes do not always have supernatural powers,” says Morán. “Our main purpose is that children feel proud of their roots and we want to make them conscious that they also have the tools to be superheroes.”

With a similar focus on educating children on the richness of Latin and Latin-American cultures, the other acts presented by Zun Zún Fest this year encompasses music, theater, poetry reading, puppet shows and audiovisuals. In the case of Ruesga’s music performance, she dialogues with Afro-Caribbean references. Reflecting on what audiences can expect from her upcoming performance, Ruesga says: “I love to integrate different percussion instruments to my musical arrangements because the rhythm patterns are very well received by children, as well as the visual image of those folk instruments. Adding those rhythms and musical instruments to my songs for children is the best way I have to pass them on to future generations.”

FUNDarte presents Zun Zún Fest, in partnership with Zunzún Arts and Education and the Miami-Dade County Auditorium, opening Saturday, Oct. 1, 2:00-5:00 p.m., at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium, 2901 W. Flagler St., Miami; Tickets $20 Adults, $5 Children under 14.; 305 547 5414, 786 348 0789.

The festival’s educational activities include a Colloquium on music and literature for children on September 28, 9:00 a.m.-noon, at Centro Cultural Español; and a music and theater performance for K-5 students on Sept. 30, 10:00 a.m.-noon at Miami-Dade County Auditorium, Mid Stage.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Links to texts I've published so far. Recopilación de textos he publicado hasta el momento.


Doctoral Dissertation:

Silot Bravo, Eva, "Reimagining Cubanidad: Transnational and Alternative Spaces in Contemporary Cuban Cultural Production" (2016). University of Miami. 

Abstract: The dissertation surveys the impact of the 1990s crisis in the de-construction of the revolutionary and exile imaginary in Cuban literature and music respectively, by less politically visible agents and cultural spaces within and outside the island. By conducting close readings of novels written during and about the crisis, a series of thematic coordinates that delineate a post-Soviet literary moment are identified. The analysis of the negotiation of narratives of identity and practices of music production documents a relatively unexplored transnational network of music collaborations among singers, songwriters and academically trained musicians that massively migrated at the time. The study argues that in light of the nineties’ crisis, new Transnational and Alternative narrative spaces emerged, resulting in creative “in-between” spaces that reflect the emergence of a post-national and/or post-socialist aesthetic condition. It identifies generational connections between musicians and writers that propose plural narrative approaches to Cubanness. The dissertation encourages a critical multidisciplinary scholarly conversation about the sustained process of transnationalization of Cuban cultural production in particular since the turn of the 21-century.

Keywords: Cuban literature; Cuban music; Transnationalism; Post-Soviet Narratives; the Transnational Cuban Alternative Music Scene (TCAMS); Cultural Studies


"Cubanidad in between. The Transnational Cuban Alternative Music Scene." Latin American Music Review 38-1 (Spring-Summer 2017).

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Afropop Worldwide publishes The Cuban Connection, a collection of 18 radio programs based on author Ned Sublette's field work about Cuban music from 1990-2003.

The Cuban Connection 1 (1990):

Features Ned Sublette’s exclusive live recording of Los Van Van in February 1990 in Havana, with “Titimanía” and an extended version of “Aquí Él Que Baila Gana.” We talk to Van Van founder Juan Formell and to Elio Revé of Revé y su Charangón, and visit a rehearsal by Los Muñequitos de Matanzas. We talk to Juan Formell. Revé y Su Charangón: Changüí Clave. Revé y Su Charangón: Más Viejo Que Ayer, Más Joven Que Mañana. Son 14: Tal Vez Vuelvas a Llamarme. Grupo Sierra Maestra: El Dulcerito. Los Muñequitos de Matanzas: Congo Yambumba.

The Cuban Connection 2 (1990):

We follow a carnival comparsa through the streets of Santiago de Cuba and hear the Haitian-descended Tumba FrancesaSon 14: Fue el Rey de la Rumba.NG La Banda: La Expresiva. Orq. Original de Manzanillo: Comenzó la Fiesta. Revé y su Charangón, live at the amphitheater of Guanabacoa: “Te confundieron con león . . . ¡gallina!” Dan Den: No Me Carezcas. We talk to Carlos Alfonso of SíntesisSíntesis: Oyá. Mezcla: Ikiri Addá. Los Van Van live: Que Domingo.

The Cuban Connection 3 (1990):

NG La Banda: Los Sitios Entero. Issac Delgado: Ella es un Reloj. Adalberto y Su Son: En Casa de Rosa Zayas. Revé y su Charangón: Así Soy Que. A visit to Matanzas, with Yoruba music from Afro Cuba de Matanzas and a visit to a toque for Elegguá. Street rumba from Matanzas. Abakuá music from Los MuñequitosSíntesis feat. Lázaro Ros: Titi-Laye. We talk to Carlos VarelaCarlos Varela: Guillermo Tell, live. Carlos Varela: Tropicollage. Los Van Van: Deja la Bobería.

The Cuban Connection 4 (1992):

Dan Den: Te Corto el Agua y la Luz. We talk with Pablo Menéndez of Mezcla. The twin guitars of Dúo Confluencia. A live all-star jam featuring Frank Emilio FlynnPancho Amat, and Tata GüinesRené Baños of Grupo Vocal Sampling shows how to arrange mulitple percussion for a solo voice. Adalberto y Su Son: Y Qué Tú Quieres Que Te Den? Issac Delgado: La Novia Que Nunca Tuve. Pablo Milanés: Identidad. Carlos Varela, live: Círculo de Tiza. Cuban heavy metal band Zeus.

The Cuban Connection 5 (1993):

Adalberto Alvarez: Dale Como E’. Los Van Van: Que Le Den Candela. NG La Banda: Échale Limón. Dan Den: Viejo Lázaro. Issac Delgado: Que Ganas. Paulito y Su Élite: Tú No Me Calculas. Orq. Original de Manzanillo: A La Hora Que Me Llamen Voy. Orq. Aragón: Se La Ganó. Radio Reloj.

The Cuban Connection 6 (1994):

NG La Banda: Picadillo de Soya. We talk to Yumurí (Moises Valle) and Maraca (Orlando Valle). Dan Den: Piano con Rumba. Los Van Van: Que Sorpresa (Voy a Publicar Tu Foto en la Prensa). A visit to Güines, interviewing José Angel Navarro, who translated batá music to solo guitar. Carlos Varela: Habáname. We talk to Carlos Alfonso of Síntesis. NG La Banda: La Bruja.

The Cuban Connection 7 (1995):

Adalberto Álvarez and Issac Delgado: El Chévere de la Salsa y El Caballero del Son. Los Van Van: Yerbero, Ven. NG La Banda: Las Películas del Sábado. We visit a rehearsal by the Conjunto Folklórico NacionalJosé Ángel NavarroGema 4: Como Fue. Grupo Vocal Sampling: La Negra Tomasa (Kikiribú Mandinga). Carlos Varela: Como los Peces. Emilio Salvador (feat. Pablo Milanés): Puerto Padre.

The Cuban Connection 8 (1996):

Los Van Van: Soy Todo. NG La Banda: De la Parte de Afuera, Camará. We talk to Elio RevéRevé y su Charangón: Se Quemó Marcelina. Adalberto y Su Son: El Baile del Toca-Toca. We talk to Isaac DelgadoIssac Delgado: ¿Paró, Por Qué? Oscar Valdés and DiákaraIrakere: Feliz Cumpleaños. Síntesis: Amalia.

The Cuban Connection 9 (1996):

El Médico de la Salsa: Arriba de la Bola. Paulito F.G. y su Elite: Ina. Issac Delgado: Pa’ Que Te Salves. Charanga Habanera: Lola, Lola. Irakere: Tres Días. We talk to Juan FormellLos Van Van: Deja la Ira. Maraca feat. Yumurí: La Vela. Silvio Rodríguez: Alas de Colibrí. Gonzalo Rubalcaba: Imagine.

The Cuban Connection 10 (1997):

Greatest hits from earlier episodes, plus Los Van Van: ¡Ay, Mujeres! Issac Delgado: Deja Que Roberto Te Toque. Paulito F.G. y su Elite: Ella y la Noche. Chappotín y sus Estrellas feat. Miguelito Cuní: Camina y Prende el Fogón.

The Cuban Connection 11 (1998):

Paulito F.G. y su Elite: La Especulación de La Habana. Los Van Van: Te Pone la Cabeza Mala. Charanga Habanera: El Chen. NG La Banda: Veneno. Rojitas: Se Acabó y Tú Lo Sabes. Síntesis: Asojano Mawé. Arsenio Rodríguez: Oye Como Dice. Afro Cuban All Stars feat. Pío Leyva: Pío Mentiroso. El Médico de la Salsa: Que Le Llegue Mi Mano (Mami...Ya Tengo Amigos en Miami) 

The Cuban Connection 13 (2000):

Estrellas de Chocolate: La Brocha. Benny Moré: En el Tiempo de la Colonia. Benny Moré: Mi Amor Fugaz. Felo Bergaza: Vuelo del Moscardón. We talk to Pancho Amat. Pacho Alonso: Que Me Digan Feo. Chappotín y sus Estrellas feat. Miguelito Cuní: Camina y Prende el Fogón. Orquesta Aragón: El Agua de Clavelito. Orquesta Aragón: Los Problemas de Atilana. Pello El Afrokán: María Caracoles. Pello El Afrokán: Ileana Quiere Chocolate. Orquesta Riverside: Anda Machetero. We talk to César “Pupy” Pedroso about how Los Van Van got its name. Los Van Van: Marilú. Los Van Van: Llegué Llegué / Guararey de Pastora.

The Cuban Connection 14 (2001):

Live shots from the 2000 Havana Jazz Plaza festival, plus: Carlos Manuel: Malo Cantidad. Los Van Van: El Negro Está Cocinando. Issac Delgado: El Solar de la California. Paulito F.G. y su Elite: La Última Bala. We talk to Barbarito TorresBarbarito Torres: Sarandonga. Pedro Luis Ferrer: La Tarde Se Ha Puesto Triste. We talk to Carlos VarelaCarlos Varela: Más Allá. Orquesta Aragón: No Me Molesto. Orishas: 537 Cuba. Orishas: Canto Para Eleguá y Changó.

The Cuban Connection 15 (2001):

Benny Moré: Cienfuegos. We talk to tresero Félix “Felito” Molina in Cienfuegos. Septeto RaísonMarcelino GuerraSilvio Rodríguez: Carretón. We talk to Miguel Baró, of the Arará (Dahomeyan) cabildo Ojundegara in Jovellanos, and hear Miguelina Baró singing with OjundegaraLos Muñequitos de Matanzas: Ese Señor. Issac Delgado: Santa Cecilia. Arsenio Rodríguez: Santa Cecilia. Compay Segundo: Longina. A toque de santo at Havana’s Yoruba Museum, recorded live. Dan Den: Viejo Lázaro. Issac Delgado: Amor Sin Ética. Issac Delgado: Gracias a la Vida.

The Cuban Connection 16 (2002):

Los Taínos, live. Polo Montañez. We talk to Caridad Diez, producer of La Rumba Soy YoGrupo Clave y Guaguancó: Maileo. Lázaro González: Un Violín para Chano. Charanga Habanera: Bla Bla Bla. Pupy y Los Que SonSon: Las Mujeres Son. A conversation with anthropologist José Millet. The Tumba Francesa. A visit to the spiritist Madeleine in Cobre. A visit to Los Universales de Son of GuantánamoReyes de la Calle: El Mundo Va a Acabarse.

The Cuban Connection 17 (2003):

Tumba Francesa. An informal bolero performance by members of the Familia Valera Miranda in Santiago de Cuba. A rehearsal by the Conga del Barrio de los Hoyos of Santiago. El Diamante del Son: Ayúdame, Babalú. More from Dr. José Millet. A visit to the Playa de Cajobabo. A return visit to the spiritist Madeleine in Cobre. The Grupo Changüí de Guantánamo, live and on CD. The 150th birthday celebration of José Martí in Holguín. A palo monte song, live. The Grupo Nengón y Quiribá, recorded live in the countryside outside Baracoa, playing the antique cousins of the sonFaustino Oramas “El Guayabero”: “A mi me gusta que baile Marieta.”

The Cuban Connection 18 (2003):

Los Astros, from Santiago de Cuba. A visit to DJ Shagoo, producer of Cuba’s first reggae star, CandymanManolito y su Trabuco, live in Santiago. Los Van Van: ¿Qué Cosa Tiene La Vida? Pedro Calvo: El Sábado es Sensacional. Charanga Habanera: Somos los Cubanos. Los Compadres: Sarandonga. Celia Cruz: Yo Viviré.

originally published by Afropop Worlwide